Medicated Feed

Through many years of R&D we have managed to overcome the palatability problems that have thwarted previous efforts by other companies to develop effective praziquantel-based medications designed specifically for marine fish feeds. Our premium products combine our highly effective feed attractants together with the effectiveness, specificity and safety of praziquantel to eliminate infections of monogenean ectoparasites and some endoparasites (including blood fluke).

If you farm marine fish in seacages now there is finally a cost effective alternative to laborious, dangerous and expensive bathing with hydrogen peroxide or formalin baths to treat the inevitable monogenean problems due to Benedenia, Neobenedenia, Zeuxapta, Microcotyle, and others. Our products have been proven in the field to cost effectively reduce specific mortality rates in species such as Amberjack (Seriola dumerili) during growout by an order of magnitude compared to traditional formalin bathing. Also, when using our products farm managers can for the first time design proactive, integrated fluke management strategies which will allow you to treat your entire farm easily and effectively during normal husbandry activities.

Contact us today for more details on pricing and availability and let us design a treatment strategy to suit your needs. NOTE: These products require veterinary prescription for use in most jurisdictions.