Welcome to DigsFish Services Pty Ltd

Dr Ben Diggles established DigsFish Services in November 2003 to provide specialist aquatic animal health services to industry and Government alike.

Dr Diggles has worked with many clients in government, aquaculture, recreational fisheries, and commercial fisheries throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands. His core business areas include import risk analysis, biosecurity, fish and shellfish health, fish welfare, marine science communication/extension/outreach and development of feeding attractants and medicated feeds for aquacultured finfish. See our publications page for examples of the range of work we regularly undertake.

In his spare time Dr Diggles studies the effects of declining water quality on our estuaries, see his presentation on Moreton Bay Oyster Populations, and is active in his local community developing solutions to these problems, like shellfish reef restoration in Pumicestone Passage, where some exciting improvements and results have already been made. Dr Diggles also contributes to indigenous education initiatives through his collaboration with the Marine Ecology Education Indigenous Corporation (MEEIC). Despite his fascination with the internal combustion engine and its ongoing development, he encourages everyone to reduce their own environmental footprint through transition to renewable energy and electric vehicles, including through this ABC radio interview. Recognition of these activities has included winning the Moreton Bay Regional Council Environment Award.

DigsFish Services is an innovative company which has also developed NEATFish, the world's first environmental standard for fishing tournaments, ikijime.com, the world's first information portal for humane dispatch of finfish (including the ikijime tool phone apps available for android, and iPhone), as well as the Australian Governments Aquatic Diseases Field Guide and Apps. We also conduct taxonomic studies in collaboration with world experts in nematodes, monogeneans and other interesting taxa when required. In doing so we pay tribute to Silvester Diggles and the work he did to advance science and establish several early scientific institutions in Australia.

If you require independent policy advice on issues related to aquatic animal disease risk assessment and prevention, biosecurity and quarantine, aquatic animal welfare, or disease identification and control for any species of fish or shellfish, DigsFish Services is here to help.